Using Geospatial Technologies to Study Global Vegetation Dynamics

My name is Ifeoma (E-faw-ma).

I am a GIS Research Analyst obsessed with plants! In order to feed the world’s growing population and maintain Earth’s natural resources while mitigating climate change, I believe that it is essential to monitor both sustainable agriculture and forest conservation efforts. This site will document the research, GIS analysis, geoprocessing tutorials and workflows, and web applications that I produce to examine changes and patterns in trees, croplands, and other terrestrial biomes worldwide.

“It’s the little things citizens do.
That’s what will make the difference.
My little thing is planting trees.”

- Wangari Maathai

Check out some of the projects I have worked on below!


Spatial and Temporal Analysis of Nigerian Fires

Remote Sensing

Monitoring Soy Crops in Brazil with Satellite Imagery in Google Earth Engine

Winter Cover Crop Image Processing of Chesapeake Bay Landsat Imagery

Python Scripts

Finding Average Acres in Agricultural and Undeveloped Parcels Python Script

Web Maps

Maryland Land Use Land Cover